Mixing Drinks and Social Media




The infographic, “Don’t Drink and Tweet,” from DailyInfographic.com, gives one perspective of how people use social media when they add booze to the mix. It goes all the way from one drink being “harmless” to several leading to “unemployable” status. The infographic, although humorous in that it makes fun of people who post excessive amounts of selfies when they’ve had a few drinks, highlights an important concept that people don’t consider enough, especially people who are college-aged or in their twenties.

I see it every weekend; friends I knew from high school will post statuses about the parties they are going to, or pictures of the parties they’re at, usually with at least one typo and the unnecessary hashtags they wouldn’t have used had they been sober while posting. Sure, it might seem like a good idea at the time to show all your friends how much fun you’re having at some party, but not everyone considers the long-term effects. All too often, we blindly post without thinking about who will see it and how it might be misconstrued, and eventually, employers can turn you down because of what they see on your social media profiles. If you don’t represent yourself in the way you want to present to them, that can shut down opportunities for jobs.

Take a look at the infographic in the link; it may be funny, but how many of these apply to you or someone you know?


One thought on “Mixing Drinks and Social Media

  1. I was just talking with my friends about since we are graduating this May and looking for jobs. We noticed how many of our friends actually do this and how unprofessional it is. While some people thought believe that what they post on Facebook and Twitter is their personal life and not the business of a future employer. They don’t realize it can come to bite them late on.

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